Cayenne pepper

Finely ground powder from cayenne peppers. This is not the hottest chilli in the world, but by far is the most famous. Due to its neutral flavor Cayenne is used in most world cuisines to add heat without changing the flavor of the dish.

Heat level 6/10

Net weight: 50gr

Pimenton Smoked Paprika

Sweet smoked paprika Pimenton de la Vera. Has a characteristic aroma of smoked red peppers, result of drying of the peppers on a slow oak fire.

Net weight: 50gr 

Black pepper mix

Mix of crushed black, rose, green and white peppers. Use for seasoning bbq, straks, bakes, etc.

Net weight: 50gr

Chili Flakes

New Mexican chilli pepper flakes, typical with their fruity flavour and mild heat. Suitable for people who like some sharpness to highlight and complement the flavors of the dish.

Heat level 3/10

Net weight: : 50gr 

Mustard Powder

Bearer of one of the main tastes – bitter, this mixture of mustard powder and turmeric will give a new aspect to your barbecue or baked goods. And that’s not all – you can make home-made mustard using recipe or ours.

Net weight: 50gr 

Chili Powder Mild

Premium quality Bulgarian paprika, enriched with Spanish Pimenton, cumin, onion, garlic and a some chilli powder, which will enliven every recipe.

Heat level: 3/10Net weight: 50gr 

BBQ rub base

Each of Spizing mixes combined with the perfect balance of natural sea salt and raw unrefined cane sugar in the BBQ base, turns into a unique barbecue mix. The BBQ base can also be used on its own.
Ingredients: raw unrefined cane sugar, natural sea salt, red pepper, black pepper.
Net weight: 90gr