Are spice kits and mixes ingredients natural?

Yes, they contain only spices, no colouring, preservatives, sugar or salt are included.

Are the spice kits and mixes suitable for vegetarians and vegans?

Yes they are. No animal products are included and they can be used to prepare vegetarian and vegan dishes.

Why should I watch the video?

We recommend that you watch the video because it is the most accurate way to find out how much to cook the ingredients and which are the critical moments in the recipe.

Do I need special cooking skills?

No, our recipes are described in detail, with exact temperatures and times, so that everyone can cook them successfully.

Do you deliver all ingredients or only the spices?

Our partners Kashon ot Harmonica can deliver all necessary ingredient and the spices to your home.

Which is the best oil to use?

For the Indian dishes we recommend ghee, grape seed oil or other neutral fat (so that it’s aroma does not to suppress the aroma of spices, like with olive oil).

Should I add salt?

Yes you should, the kits do not contain salt. However, you will not need a lot since cooking with spices gives you the chance to reduce the salt in your diet.

Are your dishes very hot?

No. All the spice kits contain chilli pepper, but it is in a separate bag and so that you can decide how much to use. Fresh chilies are also listed as optional in the shopping list – add them if you really love spicy food.

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